Henning Plaster Spreader

Henning Plaster Spreader

This surgical instrument is designed to be efficient, reliable, and easy to use, providing healthcare professionals with a valuable tool for the application and removal of plaster casts. It helps ensure the proper fit and functionality of casts while minimizing the risk of complications or injury during the casting process.

Some common uses may include:

  • Application of plaster casts
  • Cast removal
  • Cast adjustment
  • Cast reapplication
  • Splint application

Overall, the Henning Plaster Cast Spreader is a versatile tool in orthopedics that ensures proper application, adjustment, and removal of plaster casts and splints.


The Henning Plaster Spreader is a specialized medical tool used in the application and removal of plaster casts. It is designed to assist healthcare professionals in the process of applying or removing plaster casts, which are commonly used for immobilizing and supporting fractured or injured limbs during the healing process.

The Henning Plaster Spreader features a durable and ergonomic design that allows for precise and controlled spreading of the plaster material. It typically consists of two arms or jaws connected by a hinge mechanism, which can be opened and closed by squeezing or releasing a handle or lever.

When applying a plaster cast, the Henning Plaster Cast Spreader is used to carefully and evenly spread the plaster material onto the patient’s limb. The healthcare professional uses the tool to maintain a consistent thickness and ensure proper coverage of the affected area, providing stability and support to the injured limb.

During cast removal, the Henning Plaster Spreader is used to gently and safely split the plaster cast along its seams. By carefully spreading the jaws of the tool, the healthcare professional can create enough space to allow for easy and comfortable removal of the cast without causing harm or discomfort to the patient.