Obwegeser Bone Awl With Eye

Obwegeser Bone Awl With Eye

The eyelet on the instrument facilitates the placement of guiding wires. These wires are used to secure the repositioned jaw bones in their new position or to aid in the fixation of bone segments during the surgical procedure. The Obwegeser bone awl with an eye is used to create stable fixation points by creating holes in the jaw bones. This allows the surgeon to pass wires or other fixation devices through the bone to secure the desired position of the jaws.

The design of the instrument, including its sharp tip and the eyelet, enables surgeons to exert controlled pressure during bone piercing and wire placement. This ensures accuracy and allows for precise manipulation of the jaw bones. All in all, it is a valuable instrument in orthognathic surgery, facilitating the precise manipulation and fixation of the jaw bones.


The Obwegeser bone awl with an eye is a specialized surgical instrument used in orthognathic surgery, which involves the correction of jaw discrepancies or deformities. This instrument is specifically designed to assist in the repositioning or fixation of the jaw bones during these procedures.

The primary use of the Obwegeser bone awl with an eye is to manipulate the jaw bones during orthognathic surgery. It helps in the repositioning or realignment of the upper or lower jaw to correct bite issues, facial asymmetry, or other jaw deformities. The instrument features a sharp, pointed tip with an eyelet at the end. This allows surgeons to pierce the bone easily, enabling them to manipulate the jaw bones with precision.