Guyon Kidney Pedicle Clamp

Guyon Kidney Pedicle Clamp

The Guyon Kidney Pedicle Clamp is a versatile medical tool that offers a wide range of benefits. Its primary function is to safely hold the blood vessels, nerves, and ureters from the kidney’s pedicle without causing any harm. The clamp is equipped with a pair of curved jaws that conform to the kidney’s hilum. These jaws have horizontal serrations that not only block the lumens but also prevent injury. It comes in different sizes to accommodate various pedicle variations. Furthermore, the Guyon Kidney Pedicle Clamp features straight shafts to improve the surgeon’s visibility during the procedure. The boxlock system between the shafts ensures that the jaws close smoothly and securely.


To cater to various pedicle variations, the Guyon Kidney Pedicle Clamp is available in different sizes. This allows surgeons to choose the appropriate clamp that best suits the specific anatomical requirements of each patient, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

 To ensure safe and effective use of this surgical equipment, certain precautions should be followed. Surgeons should carefully assess the patient’s anatomical variations and choose the appropriate size of the clamp accordingly. Proper positioning and gentle handling of the clamp during the procedure are crucial to minimize the risk of tissue trauma or injury.

 It’s important to note that the Guyon Kidney Pedicle Clamp itself does not typically cause side effects. However, as with any surgical instrument, the potential risks and complications associated with its use can arise from factors such as improper technique, individual patient factors, or the overall surgical procedure.