Clutton Urethral Bougies Sound Set Of 12

Clutton Urethral Bougies Sound Set Of 12

The below mentioned are some key features of the set :

  •     The Clutton Urethral Bougies Sound Set comprises 12 bougies of various sizes that have been made for various uses. This extensive selection guarantees that medical professionals have access to the appropriate equipment for a variety of urological treatments.
  •    Each bougie in this sound set is expertly made utilising high-quality materials to ensure durability and top performance. The tapered shape and smooth surface finish enable comfortable insertion in order to reduce pain.
  •   To achieve proper sizing, the bougies are carefully calibrated, allowing medical professionals to choose the best equipment for a certain surgery. Variations in patient anatomy are accommodated by the range of sizes, offering flexibility in therapeutic applications.

Note: This surgical equipment should only be used by trained medical professionals with appropriate knowledge and expertise in urological procedures


An important set of medical tools created especially for urological treatments is the Clutton Urethral Bougies Sound Set. This collection includes 12 bougies in various sizes that have been designed to aid in urethral dilatation and broadening.

The Urethral Lister Bougies Dilator Set’s main use in urology is to expand and effectively dilate the urethra. Medical personnel can treat diseases like urethral strictures and make room for other medical tools by gradually increasing the size of the bougies they use while performing surgical methods.