Caspar Bone Impactor

Caspar Bone Impactor

The instrument typically consists of a handle, a shaft, and a tip. The shaft is designed to transmit the impact forces from the handle to the tip. The tip of the Caspar bone impactor is usually flat or curved. This allows it to fit into the surgical site and exert pressure evenly over the bone graft or intervertebral spacer. The handle is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable grip for the surgeon, allowing precise control and manipulation of the impactor.

During the surgical procedure, the Caspar bone impactor is used to apply controlled impact forces to compress the bone graft or intervertebral spacer, promoting fusion and stability. The impactor is carefully positioned and tapped with a mallet or hammer to achieve the desired compression and fixation.



The Caspar bone impactor is a surgical instrument commonly used in spinal surgeries, particularly in procedures involving spinal fusion. It is named after Dr. Caspar, a renowned spinal surgeon who developed the instrument.

It is designed to assist in the insertion and fixation of bone grafts or intervertebral spacers during spinal fusion procedures. Its main function is to deliver controlled impact forces to compress and stabilize bone grafts or implants in the surgical site.