Engel Heavy Handle Plaster Saw

Engel Heavy Handle Plaster Saw

Here are some of the main uses of Engel Heavy Handle Plaster Saw:

  • Plaster cast removal: The primary use of the Engel Plaster Saw is for the safe and efficient removal of plaster casts. The heavy handle design provides better grip and stability, enabling smoother and more accurate cutting.
  • Cast modification: In some cases, modifications may need to be made to an existing plaster cast. The Engel Plaster Saw allows for controlled cutting and shaping of the cast. This is done to create openings or windows for wound inspection.
  • Trim and smoothing: After a cast is removed, the Engel Plaster Saw can be used to trim any rough or uneven edges of the cast material. This helps ensure a more comfortable fit for the patient and minimizes the risk of discomfort or irritation caused by sharp edges.

Healthcare professionals may also use this surgical instrument in certain other cases also. It is important to note that this plaster saw must be used with proper techniques and safety protocols.



Engel Plaster Saw with a heavy handle refers to a specific type of plaster saw used in orthopedic procedures. The heavy handle feature is designed to provide a more stable grip and enhanced control during the sawing process.

Engel Plaster Saws are known for their durability and effectiveness in cutting through plaster casts. They typically have a reciprocating blade that moves back and forth, allowing for precise and controlled cutting. The heavy handle design helps reduce hand fatigue and provides better leverage when cutting through thick or dense plaster material.

These plaster saws are commonly used by healthcare professionals, such as orthopedic surgeons or cast technicians, for the removal or modification of plaster casts. They are designed to cut through the plaster cast while minimizing the risk of injury to the patient’s skin or underlying structures.