Bergmann Plaster Shear

Bergmann Plaster Shear

They often have an offset or angled design, which allows for better access and control when cutting around curved surfaces, such as limbs. Below are the uses of Bergmann Plaster Shear:

  • Plaster cast removal: Bergmann plaster shears are primarily used for the safe and efficient removal of plaster casts from patients. The wide, blunt lower blade of the shears helps slide between the cast and the patient’s skin without causing harm.
  • Cast modification: Bergmann plaster shears can be used to carefully cut and shape the cast without compromising its integrity. This may involve creating openings or windows in the cast for wound inspection or other necessary procedures.
  • Cast splitting: When a patient needs a partial cast removal while leaving the rest of the cast intact, they can be used to split the cast along the desired line. This allows for the removal of a specific portion of the cast without disrupting the rest.

It’s important to note that the use of Bergmann plaster shears should be carried out by trained medical professionals. This helps ensure patient safety and proper care throughout the process.


Bergmann plaster shear is a specific type of plaster cutting tool commonly used in medical settings for the removal or modification of plaster casts. It is named after the German surgeon Ernst von Bergmann, who made significant contributions to the field of surgery.

Bergmann plaster shears are made from high-quality materials, such as stainless steel, to ensure strength and longevity. The lower blade of Bergmann shears is usually wider and blunt, designed to slide smoothly between the cast and the patient’s skin without causing injury. The upper blade may be serrated or sharp to provide effective cutting capability for the plaster material.