Desjardins Gall Stone Probes

Desjardins Gall Stone Probes

The Desjardins Gall Stone Probe is a medical device designed to address issues caused by blocked gall or pancreatic ducts. By gently enlarging the ducts, it helps to relieve the stasis of bile or pancreatic juices, promoting the passage of stones and facilitating the flow of essential fluids. This surgical equipment features a slender probe attached to a handle, which offers ease of use and precise control during the procedure. Its purpose is to restore normal duct functionality, alleviate discomfort, and ensure optimal digestive health.


It is an essential tool in the treatment of pancreatic and gallstones. The main objective of Desjardins Gall Stone Probe is to widen the constrictive pancreatic or gall ducts, which may become blocked as a result of the presence of stones. The device enables the clearing of obstructions and aids in the passage of stones by gently adjusting the probe inside the ducts. This encourages the return of regular pancreatic and bile flow, easing discomfort and averting potential problems.

The slim shape of the tool ensures excellent flexibility, enabling healthcare professionals to precisely travel the complex routes of the gall or pancreatic ducts. The handle’s pleasant grip enables controlled movements and lowers the possibility of unintended trauma to the ducts.

While this surgical equipment is designed to be safe and effective, there is a possibility of potential side effects and complications. These may include bleeding, infection, perforation of the ducts, or dislodging of stones, which can lead to further complications. However, it is necessary to take precautions in order to avoid any complications.