• Composition: Bortezomib
  • Manufacturer: Hetero
  • Indication: Blood cancer
  • Packaging: Vial
  • Dosage Form: Injection


  • 2mg
  • 2.5mg
  • 3.5mg

Brand name – Bortero

Generic name – Bortezomib Injection IP

Alternative Brand: Bortecine

Manufacturer – Hetero Drugs Ltd

Salt composition – Bortezomib

Storage – Store at room temperature (10-30°C)

Dosage form – Injection

Strength – 2mg,2.5mg,3.5mg

Packaging – Vial (1 injection in 1 packet)

Active ingredient – Bortezomib

Physical form – Liquid

Suitable for – Adults

Bortero is an anti-cancer medicine. Bortero injection is used in the treatment of multiple myeloma and mantle-cell lymphoma. The active ingredient in Bortero is Bortezomib. Bortezomib is a dipeptide boronic acid derivative and proteasome inhibitor. It is used in the treatment of multiple myeloma and mantle cell lymphoma. It is a reversible inhibitor of the 26S proteasome.

Mechanism Of Action
Bortezomib is a reversible inhibitor of the chymotrypsin-like activity of the 26S proteasome in mammalian cells. The 26S proteasome is a large protein complex that degrades ubiquitinated proteins. The active site of the proteasome has chymotrypsin-like, trypsin-like, and post-glutamyl peptide hydrolysis activity. The 26S proteasome degrades various proteins critical to cancer cell survival, such as cyclins, tumor suppressors, BCL-2, and cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors. Inhibition of these degradations sensitizes cells to apoptosis. Bortezomib is a potent inhibitor of 26S proteasome, which sensitizes activity in dividing multiple myeloma and leukemic cells, thus inducing apoptosis. In addition, bortezomib appears to increase the sensitivity of cancer cells to traditional anticancer agents (e.g., gemcitabine, cisplatin, paclitaxel, irinotecan, and radiation).

Pharmacodynamics Of Bortero
Bortezomib targets the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway, a molecular pathway that promotes protein degradation and maintains the homeostatic intracellular concentrations of proteins. However, there is strong evidence that the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway is often dysregulated, which leads to aberrant pathway signaling. In one study, patient-derived chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) cells contained 3-fold higher levels of chymotrypsin-like proteasome activity than normal lymphocytes, which indicated that dysregulation of the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway is implicated in malignant cell transformation. Bortezomib prevents the proteasome-mediated proteolysis by reversibly inhibiting an enzyme involved in the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway. Bortezomib exerts a cytotoxic effect on various cancer cell types in vitro. In non-clinical tumour models, including multiple myeloma, bortezomib caused a delay in tumor growth.

Use Of Medicine
Bortero Injection is used in the treatment of multiple myeloma and mantle-cell lymphoma. It blocks or slows the breakdown of proteins in cells. As a result, the increase in a number of proteins in the cancer cells leads to their death.

How To Use:
Your healthcare provider will give you this medicine. He/She will decide what dose is necessary. Please do not self administer. Take it exactly as your healthcare provider directs.

Alternate Brands

  • Myezom 2mmg injection
  • Bortecad 2mg injection
  • Biocure 2mg injection
  • Proteoz 2mg injection
  • Bortemap 2mg injection
  • Zomibet 2mg injection

Common Side Effects

  • Fatigue
  • Anemia (low number of red blood cells)
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Decreased appetite

Serious Side Effects

  • Low blood platelets
  • Peripheral neuropathy (tingling and numbness of feet and hands)
  • Psychiatric disturbances
  • Neutrophils (decrease in white blood cell count)

Dosage Of Bortero
Your healthcare provider will decide what dose is necessary for you, as per your existing/previous medications. If you miss a dose, please contact your healthcare provider.

Warning And Precautions Of Bortero

  • Consult your doctor before taking this medicine if you:
    • have any liver, kidney, heart disease or bleeding problems;
    • develop symptoms like memory loss or trouble in thinking.
  • Other medicines can affect/be affected by, this medicine so tell your healthcare provider about the medicines you take.
  • Bortero Injection is not recommended during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.
  • This medicine may cause dizziness, therefore it is recommended to avoid driving or operating machinery.
  • It may reduce the number of blood cells in your blood. Regular blood tests are recommended to keep track of the same.


  • Composition: Bortezomib
  • Manufacturer: Hetero
  • Indication: Blood cancer
  • Packaging: Vial
  • Dosage Form: Injection


  • 2mg
  • 2.5mg
  • 3.5mg