Millin Bladder Retractor Complete Set With 5 Blades

Millin Bladder Retractor Complete Set With 5 Blades

The mentioned are some specific uses of this surgical tool :

  •  Abdominal surgery: The Millin Bladder Retractor is frequently used to hold and open abdominal wounds securely, giving the surgeon the best possible access.
  •   Surgical Manipulations: By offering dependable and adjustable retraction, this device makes it easier for surgeons to execute a variety of surgical procedures with better visibility.
  •   Procedures involving the bladder: The retractor’s design and features make it especially ideal for surgeries involving the bladder, making it easier to expose and manage the bladder.

With its self-retaining scissor-like design it securely holds wounds and frees the surgeon’s hands for other activities. The ratchet mechanism ensures stability and consistent retraction by precisely locking at the desired position and width. This retractor has attachments for both the central and lateral blades, allowing for modification based on surgical requirements. The shanks’ wide lateral bend expands the vision field, improving visibility during procedures. The Millin Bladder Retractor is a vital instrument for abdominal surgery due to its user-friendly qualities.


Millin Bladder Retractor is used to keep abdominal incisions open during surgery. This highly efficient self-retaining tool is a ratchet mechanism in this retractor that resembles scissors and enables exact locking at the correct position and width. The frame’s center features a protrusion that makes it simple to connect a central blade, increasing versatility while performing surgical procedures. The retractor’s shanks also include a broad lateral curve that widens the field of view for better sight. The function of the retractor is further improved by the addition of a protrusion for the attachment of a lateral blade on each long shank.