Demel Wire Tightener

Demel Wire Tightener

The instrument has jaws or clamps that securely grip the wire or cable during the tightening process. These jaws are designed to hold the wire or cable in place while tension is applied. The Demel Bone Wire Tightener has an adjustable feature that allows the surgeon to control the amount of tension applied to the wire or cable. This ensures precise tensioning according to the specific requirements of the surgical procedure.

It is commonly used in orthopedic surgeries where wire or cable fixation is required. These may include fractures, osteotomies, or other bone reconstruction procedures. It allows surgeons to achieve the desired tension in the wires or cables, providing stability and proper alignment during the healing process.


The Demel Bone Wire Tightener is a surgical instrument used in orthopedic surgeries to tighten wire or cables used for bone fixation. It is specifically designed to provide precise and controlled tensioning of wires or cables during bone repair procedures.

The instrument is typically designed with a handle and a mechanism that allows for the tightening of wires or cables. It is equipped with a mechanism that allows the surgeon to apply tension to the wire or cable. This mechanism may involve a ratcheting system or other means of controlled tightening.